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DFCU Financial


Arconcepts relationship with DFCU Financial Federal Credit Union dates to 1993 when Arconcepts was commissioned to perform revisions to existing branches and provide site planning consulting for various drive-through additions. From that, our relationship has achieved a level of partnership in aiding the due diligence process of new branch locations, adaptive reuse of old facilities into new branch locations and continual renovation efforts of existing branches and headquarters.

The distinctively branded DFCU Credit Unions are unmistakably familiar to those who have experienced it. Each location carries the familiar brand-recognition first introduced by Arconcepts in 2002 yet is continuously refined to respond to the needs of the current and prospective members and employees. The culmination of classic and contemporary design elements is what conveys the principles of the DFCU brand.

Wayne County Airport Authority


Arconcepts' association with the Wayne County Airport Authority, Delta (Northwest) Airlines, and the WCAA Concessions Program began in 1996 while engaging in Concession redesign at the Davey | Smith Terminals. This association continues to develop through the ongoing relationships with the diverse entities of the airport community. As a Certified 'Small Business Enterprise', 'Disadvantaged Business Enterprise', and 'Airport Concessionaire DBE', Arconcepts continually presents unique and integrated design solutions to the expansive environment of the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.



The relationship with Ford Motor Company | Ford Motor Land Development Corporation began through a prior employment affiliation in 1984 and culminated into a personal achievement for the firm in 1993 when Arconcepts was honored with the status of 'Tier-One' Supplier with Ford Motor Company (encompassing Ford Motor Land Development).

In the Ford Land Development arena, Arconcepts has developed systems for establishing the Building Standards, Leasing / Rentable Factors, commissioned as the designer and architect for over 6 million square foot of commercial and retail space in over 35 buildings and corporate business parks, as well as direct involvement through construction and post occupancy.

The extent of services provided to the Ford Motor Company entity includes adaptive re-use of plant engineering facilities, plant modifications, administrative office design/modifications, mezzanine engineering and design, employee comfort/services (Cafeterias and Lounges) and miscellaneous engineering systems.

The relationship between Arconcepts and Ford Motor Land has evolved over the years. Our creative work can be found in buildings of notoriety such as Ford Motor Company World Headquarters, Regent Court Office Building, Fairlane Plaza, The Dearborn Inn, The Hyatt Regency, and many more throughout S.E. Michigan.

Phoenix Theaters


Arconcepts formed a relationship with the Insight Management & Consulting Group in 2000 when the group became involved in the development of a unique revitalization concept for a large vacant property in Van Buren Township, MI. for an innovative concept of a 'Drive-In Motion Picture Theatre and Entertainment Complex'. Although the project did not become a reality, the relationship nonetheless did.

Since then, Arconcepts has teamed with the Phoenix Theatres | Insight Management Group in the planning and design of various theatres throughout Michigan, building an exciting business of redeveloping 'tired' or 'closed' theatres.

Delta Airlines


Arconcepts attained the privilege of becoming a Delta Supplier Diversity Team Member in 2008. The distinction of this certification proves our commitment to the ongoing needs and evolution of the airline industry and their answer to the ever-changing passenger needs.

Boar's Head


The Boars Head Brand concept locations developed through collaboration between Arconcepts and Boars Head Corporate Management Team, creating an exciting new era for the Brand.  Boars Head venues have been introduced as an exciting new entry into various Airport Concessions Programs throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.  This direction has allowed the Brand to be an integral component of the healthy food choices offered to passengers and visitors on a regular basis.  The newly branded Boars Head answered the need and high demands to provide airport terminals with powerful brand-recognition and quality deli-food products and the corporate operations of Boars Head were eager to include Arconcepts in this innovative solution.

Ora Oxygen - Wellness Spa


The relationship between Arconcepts and Ora Oxygen has evolved into a relationship of trust and partnership.  Our role with Ora Oxygen is that of the local DBE entity at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, responsible for marketing management and architectural | design services.  Arconcepts continuously aids Ora Oxygen in the developing of concession upgrades and as liaison between the Wayne County Airport Authority | Ora Oxygen | project contractor | architect.  We create project budgets, scope and schedules for each improvement while assuring a successful final design product for each.  Our success in providing such an array of responsibilities resides in the fact that Arconcepts has not only been retained as architects | consultants in the local DTW but in many international airports throughout the world.

Ora Oxygen is a highly respected international Spa / Retail Wellness Center with locations in premier airports through out the world.  The overall business identity creates an opportunity for travelers to experience a brief oasis from the hectic patterns of travel.  The retail characteristics found throughout the Brand are clean, healthy, refreshing experiences for travelers and is evident throughout the spatial layout and material selections within each location.

Arconcepts strives to develop each location utilizing a supply base of “locally” distributed products, adding to the environmentally sensitive attributes of the corporate philosophies.  The desire is to not only appeal to the traveler who frequents the individual Terminal but to become an integral component of each local airport business community.